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This post is specifically so all the previous card images I have saved, I can pin to my boards. Please forgive the wall of lovely as a tree christmas card 01 su christmas blessings card 01 SSC122 Winter Post card 1 SAM_1524 red and white hexagons poinsettia card idea 01 outline poinsettia card 01 MemoryBoxOrnamentDieCard (1) (800x588) IMG_3111 dove and world map card e0c6b53e41516fca04f89a64965690c0 f1e712935b9fb104769ec1d7b73557bf fd3e8408a9671d89b1061004596e9866 GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA hexagon christmas idea for lots of dots christmas card die cut butterfly card with gorgeous grunge def7216f567369ebf6e733181420b84a dab8d454e872c123001f533eef738746 cool idea for christmas cards b383e45e86d6a765567dc176c548827a another card idea a5017d6aa66be98a1a531388a31305da 35c8fa072b07e57468b8de11de4c2596 48a5b65b880ed02bbdb0982d3fd80767 64e5726c7714da5968a3154560f722b4 96f1920b25349408c98e25beb5fb00c5 98e09758ddc6f079188179240a8fc0da 36477_7655FF29-BD15-904E-553BDC8D081778F5 07147967c75caacd6ea9410092d43ec8 15310041011_ae39556e7f_z Donna-Crooked+Stamper+Mar DSCN4230-2_by_Karen_B_Barber f627df47214717e46936ba3c181422d6 fa675bf6065d1837583af343e71b4155 FS373_3-30-14_by_hobbydujour 5b9d567fe0e898b1cbfc24a5753d9587 5e49df74ad4c43c7ca24a13d5033098f 6a00d83454a17469e2015437b11500970c-320wi 6c810d22b292b74721cbf98a5a323eb3 6d89751ea3cebf9a8335abf0086b3da6 7a3651dfd56970f0a44d6ecfe089c589 dec059507dc02bfeaa786a2fa09fe2a6 c80a21f54dea6cb8e26e3524c4f4b57b bff238f9e6d5e3335534d86a4dc2f56d b505a5fc3d61dbf923fd6b97ab888ca7 b194c461661f77e3d9b5315561c42665 b40c64ab9db4717d110585d4c265cc9e 15280059006_50c67bc6c4_z 10615489_896483103704182_5663482670164578613_n 4820187ee76a07532f65bf0fd39239f0 8160e507bf735aba11597d94629bca69 742e9e930565841086025c185560c00a


About Cardcrazed

I am a Christian, an empty nester who loves to make cards and ATCs. I also love to listen to Christian music.

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