Copic Apps: the Final Verdict

OK, so my last post, I talked about three Copic marker apps that I was going to play with.  After many times trying to load them up, add markers, take them off, see what works OFFLINE (for those of us who are bandwidth impaired, this is important, as is those who aren’t near WiFi hotspots when buying Copics) I have come to some conclusions.


1) the hyliston app I can’t recommend.  It’s online only, while the other two can work without an internet connection.. Also, it doesn’t do anything that the other two apps can do, it just does it differently. If your brain works well with this style of sorting and organizing, then great, go ahead and use it.  For me, it was a pain in the rear.  It’s meant to be an iPhone app, not a desktop app, and that adds frustration with a lack of being able to log in easily.  If you use an iPhone, and this app is free, by all means, try it out and see how it works. I have Android tablets and a Windows desktop, it just doesn’t work for me.

Now, for the official Copic app (the Copic Collection) and Copic Colour DB, I recommend them BOTH.. in fact, they are both staying on my tablet.  They have different uses for me, so, to my brain it makes sense to keep both.  The Copic Collection app is wonderful for checking colours out (especially if you want to see a close up on your screen of the colour) using BROWSE.  I  wasn’t sure if you could use BROWSE offline, but today’s testing showed that I CAN do that.. which means the colours are in the app itself, no need to be online 😀  You can keep track of your markers in this app as well, it is good if you have a mixture of marker types (such as Wide, Sketch and Ciao).  The downside to this app is that it seems to be quite slow on my 2013 Nexus 7…. that and I am not fond of the way the colours are sorted (they are in separate colour family files, which need to be opened individually, then they tab over each other).   This is where the Copic Color DB comes in. It is strictly a database, nothing fancy to it, BUT, it does turn on each colour when you tap on its square and stays on (indicating you have that colour), AND its quite responsive for when you want to do a quick scan. There is also an option for you to hold the coloured square for a few seconds, then add “NEED REFILL” and the REFILL section of the database will list all the colours you need refills for.  I  plan on using the official app for home use, when I want to see colours in a bigger chunk on a screen before purchasing online, and as a back up for my Copic inventory of what I have.  The Database will be my go to app when I am in store, debating about what to purchase, if I have that particular colour, or if I need a refill of the ink.

If space on your device is an issue, then I’d go with the Copic Color DB.  It’s much smaller than the official app, and doesn’t use as much processing power, so if you have an older device that’s a bit slower, the DB may be the better option for you.

Thanks for looking 🙂


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I am a Christian, an empty nester who loves to make cards and ATCs. I also love to listen to Christian music.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Karen! I have to check out that second app..:)

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