The reason why I’ve been AWOL, and a quick Copic Marker Blurb

OK, so I’ve been terrible at blogging for the last several months.. I just have not been feeling all that great, always under the weather….. discovered in late February that I had a sinus infection, that I’d probably had had for MONTHS.. like since the beginning of fall.  I took a good run of antibiotics, and I am finally feeling human again 🙂  I did relapse a bit in March, then I realized it was allergies, and I’m taking the proper meds now 🙂

As for my creating anything, it has taken a back seat for the last months as well.  I have been doing the Get Organized Challenge by Tiffany Spaulding at  Yes, she tries to sell you her product, but what I love is that her classes are FREE, and you can use what you have on hand for the organization.  I have purged a lot of stuff, including 6 inches of 12 x 12 patterned paper, and I think I need to go through stuff again.  I’d like to trim down my stamps a bit more, so that’s my aim.

I have created, I just haven’t photographed the cards yet, I’m hoping to do that tonight or tomorrow, and post them here. 🙂

One thing I have decided to invest in, and that is alcohol based markers.  This was not an easy decision for me, and I took my time thinking on it.  What got me started on this path was the fact that I loved how much control I had over the saturation of the colours. I could lay down one layer for a lighter look, or intensify the look by going over the piece 3-5 times.  After much research and debate, I decided on Copics for my alcohol based markers.  There are a few reasons for this. One, I can get them in my area. Two, many of the online stores I shop at carry Copics and their ink refills, which I had real issues with with the Spectrum Noirs (I could get sets locally,  but the ink refills would have had to be special ordered… and if the order wasn’t big enough, I’d pay more than I wanted to).  Thirdly, and this was the thing that  ultimately did it for me, the Copic markers barrels are SEALED… no air can get into them. No other alcohol marker does this…. and the non sealed barrels is the big reason why SU pulled their Blendabilities… way too many markers were arriving dry, or drying out too quickly. So even though the Copics are by far more expensive, I believe that they are worth the investment.

Having said this, I needed an Android App to remind me which markers I already have.  I have a list that I keep on DropBox for the markers that I want, but I had nothing to note what I own.  So, off I went searching.  Thanks to Sarah Moerman , I have three to play with now.   Two are Android, one is an iPhone app that can be used on the browser. I have only been playing with these apps for less than 24 hours, so these are my first impressions. Note: So far, I have only used them to any extent on a Nexus 7 (2013). This is pure Android, with no skins on it.

The app that can be used on the browser is . This one, for me, is a pain. Definitely DO NOT LIKE IT.  Now, I need Android, this app was made for the iPhone, and honestly, I’d love to see it made for Android, not just use it on the browser.  I like the fact that  you can choose which type of Copic you are  recording, it’s simple to use, not CPU heavy.  Once you are in the style of Copic you have, it has a list of colours you can click, and it records that you own that colour. I HATE the fact that there’s no starting off point to log in on the browser.  It seems you must add something to the app, then save it, then you can log in. And it’s a round about way to do stuff… and because it’s NOT on the iPhone, it’s a bit clunky at times.  If someone is using this on an iPhone, I’d LOVE to hear what you think of it.   This app has potential, but needs to be written specifically for Android.

The second app is the .too Corporation Copic Collection App. This is from the makers of Copics, and it’s not bad. It IS made for PHONES, not tablets, and I can see this one being a data hog on your cell service.  It’s constantly binging back home to the server for information.. from what you own, to your wish list, to the info of the colours that you can look at in the app. As for how to use it, you have tabs (vertically) of your colour families. Click on a colour family, then you can click on the marker colour and type you have.  At first, I didn’t even realize that the marker I clicked had highlighted.. it’s not super noticeable… and it’s easy with everything darkened, to accidentally click the wrong one. It’s an easy fix, click it again to undo the highlight. This works for all the family colours. The one thing I ADORE about this app, it has a wish list, and a store list.. so you can wish list what you want the most as far as colours go, and if you have favourite stores somewhere that sell Copics, you can pin them on Google Maps.  This is a cool feature. It also has the ability for you to BROWSE all the colours (the colour will take a bit, but show up in a box.. this WILL take DATA USAGE if you don’t have the app set to WiFi only.. it IS cool if you’re not 100% sure of what a colour looks like, it gives a pretty decent representation).  However, the drawbacks are: Data hog (which I have already mentioned), it’s much slower than the other two apps, but it’s also way more CPU heavy than the other two apps.. depending on your device, it may be good or bad.  Because I am WiFi only on my tablet, I don’t need to set up apps to be WiFi only, so I am not sure where the settings for that is (I am going out on a limb here and saying it’s in settings, but to be honest, I haven’t looked, I don’t know).

The third app is called Copic Color DB, which I am guessing means Copic Color Data Base.  This one is simple.  You install the app. You start with ALL COLOURS, then you can click on the ones you own (it is in alphabetical order), then save, and you’re done. This is a very lightweight app, and honestly, I am not even sure it needs any internet stuff. I think, from what I’ve seen so far, it’s literally a database of the colours, you click on what you own, and you’re done.  One other positive: The box that you click to say you own it, highlights the entire box that colour.  The drawbacks: no Wish List, with the colours in alphabetical order, you get the numbered colours first (blender, blacks), then Blues, Blue Greens, Blue Violets, then Cool Grays…. you get the idea. 🙂 There is a “my Colours” section that just shows the colours I own.  Also, this is unique to this app, if you hold your finger on a coloured square, a popup will happen that you can check with “Need Refill”.   Then you can look at your “Needs Refills” section, and see what colours of ink you need. I love this idea, makes it very handy if I’m somewhere out of town, and the Various Inks are on sale, which ones I need 🙂

My verdict at the moment: I’m keeping all three for the time being.  I am only keeping the hyliston app because I haven’t had time to figure out if the other 2 apps can be used on the desktop.  I shop online on my desktop (faster speed, more secure), so I’d like a record of my markers easily available there. The desktop usage is the ONLY reason I’m keeping the hyliston app, it just does NOT WORK ON ANDROID, IMO.  The Copic Collection app, I am keeping, I LOVE the wish list idea, and I want to see if it’s really easy to use…. it seemed quite slow and a bit clunky today..but I noticed this is by far the heaviest CPU/internet app.  Not sure if it’s slim enough for my liking.  The Copic Color DB, I am definitely keeping.  At the moment, this one is my favourite. It’s lightweight, speedy, and simple to use.

I am going to play with all three apps for the next few days to a week, then I will put in my final verdict.  If you know of an Android app that stores which Copic Markers you have, please let me know… If I can try it out, I will.

Thanks for being here today 🙂


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