Happy Anniversary to the Most Wonderful Man on Earth

This week marks my 20th anniversary to being married to my husband. In my opinion, he’s the most wonderful man on Earth. I could ramble on for pages about it, but I’ve decided to give 20 reasons why I love him so much, and why I am beyond blessed to be married to him.

1) He is the most godly man I know. That sounds pretty cliche, but in truth, I do not personally know of another man who takes his faith in Christ as seriously as my husband does, nor do I know someone who is so self aware of himself as Christ’s representative. His desire to learn and grow in God is what attracted me to him in the first place, and it’s wonderful to know he hasn’t lost the hunger for God πŸ™‚

2) He is committed to our marriage. Yes, I know, another cliche. But it’s the truth. We both take marriage as a covenant, but his continual commitment to our marriage, and to me, is something not seen as much today, sadly.

3) He challenges me to make me grow. Yep, I will admit I don’t always like this, and often my first reaction is to balk…. he challenges me to NOT stay in my comfort zone, and to always strive to be a better person. I do adore him for that.

4) He has the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen on a man. Bar none. I could lose myself in his eyes for weeks if we could sit still that long.

5) His love for music has expanded my own taste in music. Where I once only listened to certain genres of music, I’ll now listen to just about any genre, but Christian lyrics only. I find that the more positive Christian lyrics make me happier and more creative πŸ™‚

6) He’s loves technology, and has taught me so much about it. Pretty much everything techhie I’ve learned my from my husband, or Steve Gibson (Steve does a podcast called Security Now! at twit.tv)

7) He is, hands down, one of the VERY BEST Daddies I’ve ever met. Our kids adore him, and it’s easy to see why…. a lot of times, he’ll act like an over tall kid…. and it’s fun to watch πŸ™‚

8) He’s very helpful around the house, which is great, because I am HORRIBLE at housekeeping.

9) He doesn’t see the sense in cards, but has kept every card I’ve ever made him… and to me, that’s super special.

10) He loves to cuddle, whether it’s me, or the kids. Yep, even as teens, once in a while a cuddle came their way πŸ™‚

11) He can make me laugh, and not just by tickling me πŸ˜€

12) He is the most honourable man I know.

13) He tries to spoil me constantly.

14) He is the best kisser. EVER. And no, no one else is going to find that out πŸ˜›

15) He is understanding of my medical issues.

16) He does amazing things with what money we have. I know that God blesses us, but his way of thinking (and saving) has saved us on a number of occasions.

17) He loves to research things. If it’s something we think we may want, he’ll spend HOURS, if not DAYS, researching something to see if it’s worth the money. Again, it has saved us from making some bad purchases.

18) His banter with the kids is VERY entertaining. On Skype, I am trying NOT to laugh a lot of times because of the banter. Twitter is just as bad, and I love it!

19) His practicality is a blessing to me, who has had the “Ooh, that’s pretty, let’s get it” mentality without thinking of any practical purpose.

20) Last and NOT least, he loves as unconditionally as a human can. I know I am #2 in his heart, right after God. Life is so wonderful, knowing I can rest not only in God’s love, but my husband’s love. πŸ˜€

Now, some bonus reasons I love my husband:

1) He loves both kids equally. He shows absolutely NO favoritism AT ALL, and that is a blessing.

2) He has his goofy times, which are always fun and often laugh with him on things.

3) He’s gorgeous, but what can I say, he’s tall, dark colouring and handsome. Just what I wanted in a man πŸ™‚

4) He has the most amazing tact I’ve ever seen. He has the talent to take what he suggested, and make the other person think it’s their idea.

5) He is my prince, in tarnished armour. I know, it’s usually a knight in shining armour, but that’s not reality, so he’s my prince in tarnished armour. I love him with all my heart, next to God.

Happy anniversary, my wonderful husband.


About Cardcrazed

I am a Christian, an empty nester who loves to make cards and ATCs. I also love to listen to Christian music.

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  1. I am leaving a comment here to mark something else.. my husband loves number patterns, and this post had 777 words πŸ˜€

  2. Forgot to tell you when I did it… but I copied all this into a LibreOffice document. I sound so much better, when you describe me. Maybe I just don’t see what you see… about myself. That being said… YOU’RE WAAAAAY TOO GOOD TO ME. If anything, you’re the awesome one… I’m the problem person. Sure glad you’re there for me. Love you.

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