Product Review Update – Fiskars Titanium Blades

Just 31 days ago, I opened up a new package of Titanium blades, and tried one. In my previous post 2011.08.06 I mentioned that I change a blade about every month to 6 weeks. Well, so far, I haven’t even had to flip my blade to the other side yet. Since I always cut down, I wear one side of the blade down, then the other. The first side of the first blade works beautifully, still. The only time I see a bit of feathering is when I try and cut more than 3 sheets of paper at a time.. the bottom sheet doesn’t get enough of the blade to make a totally clean cut. All in all, right now, I’m giving the Fiskars Titanium Blades a 9 out of 10. LOVING how it cuts, how easy it is to cut, and the fact that the blade, after a month, is showing no signs of wear. You can get the Titanium Blades at 🙂 No affiliation with SimonSaysStamp, just a very happy customer 🙂


About Cardcrazed

I am a Christian, an empty nester who loves to make cards and ATCs. I also love to listen to Christian music.

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