Product Review: Fiskars Titanium Blades

These are the new Titanium cutting blades from Fiskars. they work in the cutter that Jennifer McGuire recommends. Jennifer had seen these, and of course, I HAD to try them. So, with an order to, I ordered one pair of these blades to see if they really do work, and how long their lifespan is. I have bought many Triple Track blade packages over the years, and frankly, it’s been hit and miss. Some pairs of blades work well, others are feathering the cardstock/paper on THEIR FIRST CUT. With such a mixed experience, with all the hype, do these titanium blades work? Well, I’ve had a couple of days to play with them (since the afternoon of August 4, 2011 to be exact), and my first reaction is, “Why didn’t I buy a dozen of these!?!?” I LOVE THESE TITANIUM BLADES! They can cut through 4 sheets of 24lb text paper like it was soft butter. Cutting cardstock is a breeze, and there’s no feeling like the blade is catching and tearing the cardstock that I had with the Triple Track blades. The real test, however, will be to see how long each blade lasts. Now I’m stingy with my blades… I don’t like to waste them, so what I do is always cut down from the top. This will wear only half of your blade down, so that later I can flip the blade and use the other half 🙂 I do label my blades 1 and 2, so that if the blade falls out by accident, I can remember which side I was using. A Triple Track blade usually lasted me 4-6 weeks, depending on how many cards and ATCs I make. Fiskars says on the blade package that these blades last 3X as long as their regular blades, so I am hoping that each blade will last me around 3-4 months. We shall see. And yes, for those who don’t know me, I have medical issues, and can’t remember lots of things, so the exact date in this post will help me to assess how well the blades work.

I will post updates along the way, but for now, it’s a product I would recommend.

Also, the picture of the blades is from


About Cardcrazed

I am a Christian, an empty nester who loves to make cards and ATCs. I also love to listen to Christian music.

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  1. I hope it works out better for you! After all… we share a bank account! 😛

  2. Hi there! I hadn’t heard of these titanium blades! Great find! I sure do hope they last longer. The regular Triple Track blades wear out so fast, but I love my Fiskars trimmer anyway!

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